• 01:03
    TROYKA at Sud Tyrol Jazz Festival in Brunico
  • 01:49
    Taksim Trio - Jazz Fest Sarajevo
  • 03:18
    Chick Corea, piano solo (1983)
  • 04:05
    Flat Earth Society at Sud Tyrol Jazz Festival ...
  • 05:03
  • 06:00
  • 08:30
    Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno by ...
  • 10:50
    Myung Whun Chung conducts the Orchestre ...
  • 11:45
  • 12:20
    The Nutcraker by Jeroen Verbruggen with the ...
  • 13:45
    Midsummer Night's Dream by M. Kelemenis. ...
  • 15:10
    Mémoire de l'Ombre - choreography by Ken Ossola
  • 16:30
    Modigliani Quartet plays Mozart, Shostakovich ...
  • 17:51
    Casals Quartet plays Schubert, Shostakovich ...
  • 19:03
    Daniele Gatti and the Orchestre National de ...
  • 20:08
  • 20:30
    Mozart's Mitridate at the Théâtre des ...
  • 23:25
  • 23:30
    Ibrahim Maalouf 'Illusions' at Jazz in Marciac

TROYKA at Sud Tyrol Jazz Festival in Brunico

Chris Montague - guitar, loop Joshua Blackmore - drums Kit Downes - organ TV channel 'ARTE', introducing a Troyka concert, stated: 'Troyka are rooted in the jazz tradition and are at the same time hiply contemporary. Atmospheres often change in a single piece, almost to the point of paradox: hard and aggressive guitar riffs mix with gentle keyboard motifs, while composition and improvisation combine as one'. This blend of garage rock, jazz improvisations and dance music defies labelling: the band sound like 'King Crimson for the iPod generation,' as the London listings magazine 'Time Out' put it. One thing is for sure: this trio forms part of a generation of young musicians who reject the limits of genre, with the decisive question no longer 'What is it?' but 'Is it good?'.